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Vasile Gaetano



I was born in Bitonto, a city located in the province of Bari, but I have lived in the Republic of San Marino for a few years later for 12 years in the city of Piacenza. Since 2006 I live in Marotta of Mondolfo and work like a employee in the XIV Reparto Mobile of the State Police in Senigallia.

I am a graduate of the art High School “Bruno Cassinari” of Piacenza and attended several impromptu address to art promoted by the municipality and the Ricci Oddi gallery of Piacenza.

In 1995 in Rome, I attended an exhibition organized by the Ministry of the Interior through a call for national competition reserved for the staff of that Ministry on the arts, earning his first prize in sculpture; prize presented to me directly from the Interior Minister Coronas.

In 2001 in Rome for an exhibition of paintings entitled “The soul of color”, was banned in the Official Gazette by the Ministry  of the Interior a preselection contest, succeeding with respect to part of the compass artists  and inaugurated by the Ministry Interior  Enzo Bianco.

In 2002, in Piacenza I set up an exhibition of painting the interior  of the school of the State Police of Piacenza.

In 2009,2010, 2011 I participated at the “Artists at work” promoted by City of Ostra.

In march of 2012 I set up my first personal exhibition of paintings at the Palace of the Conventions of Jesi.



“I was surrouded one night to contemplate a clear summer sky, and at one point my eyes wide open lingered to admire one of many stars. The light continued to throb incessantly blinking eyes like a magnet and was attracted to the point that I tried to get closer unconsciously, as if to touch it and capture a single moment of his pulse. The moment the appearance seemed to materialize, I was fascinated by the ancient light that had traveled for millions and billions of years crossing all boundaries of space  before reaching us.”


                                                                                                The artist

                                                                                            Vasile Gaetano



The apparent reality


The sky was for me a  connotation of inestimable value to be found in the merit of  being the witness par excellence of the story of all time, but sometimes you look casually forgetting to have a book of universal history always within reach of our eyes.

Noting that light is enclosed in itself leaked the illusion that the man believed to govern and transform physically, but in reality does not exist. Throughout human history we have given thousands of explanations through poetry, mathematical formulas art in all its forms, believing that they had found the key to the meaning of existence, but none of them is due to the reality. My continued interest in selling a new artistic expression has come so far to understand that only through dreams that man can be accessed in the size of  a  reality that I have introduced the term “Apparent reality”.

 The apparent reality is made up of many circles that intersect with  each other  creating  an infinite ball embedded between them, but free to move in as many infinite directions.

 Becoming part of this vision leads us to all- inclusive considers to ourselves, not with the concept but  as a mechanistic almost infinite number of events in motion and in close connection between them.

Everything in the universe  is moving and  still nothing  is static, everything vibrates constantly, and movement is life. In  the universe there is not concept of death but only transformation, change and evolution.

 If you would like to better understand the apparent reality choose the perspective point of  view from the bottom up and I would drive the imagination by a curved line, taking a direct up to the sky to outline many free forms in space, but away from the bonds offered by the analytical analysis (example: measurement).

In my works, join tactile visual perceptions so that we can contemplate the idea of living equivalent sensitive and global imagery.

 …I would like to show  a world seemingly more consistent with the simple-minded and innocent when you’re a kid, with the help of  a perspective view from the bottom up and with a vision of  thought tends to generalize  to relationship of the object in symbiosis with the environment.

The sensations lead to accentuate the grandeur and the elusiveness of the object seem to make them appear much larger than adults conceive of them in reality.  


Conflict of interest in the apparent reality

 When you are careful to examine an event is likely to become protagonists, while pausing only to pure observation has the ability to act from the space where the heart of everything  we think and we propose to us , takes a different view of existence. The historian traces more or less certainty of the past events and documents, making them available to his contemporaries. Reading the books of history to this day, we realized that we often can not be trusted as the communication of information to us if we come up between the civilizations that have followed there have been more clashes, divisions and alliances of interest.

The truth is that reality can only come if we deviate from the rational view, and there we where to a level in the past with the intentional to actualize it. The men of our place on this point of view, is both attracted and illuminated by the light that come from old stars. The same light that existed at the time of the first traces of humans (example: fingerprints, marks, writings, works of art, paintings, sculpture, architecture and music), until the most recent civilization and is proposed in my paintings to better understand my point of view, the history  of our existence  on earth.

Historiography as we know, has undergone dramatic evolution over the centuries Neil, who has come to create a little to general acceptance of religion and cultural tradition that has contributed in  secular building all civilizations in the world and for a while numerous manipulations of transcription.

It’s up to each of us to assess, making use according to which it is believed, based on their knowledge and of the own free will. It is a more free, more innocent, more in line with the real purpose of our existence on this planet. 


The works of my second study

 The works of my second study on the from are inspired by this idea but gradually acquire a fundamental concept, based on dedicated ourselves aware of the apparent reality. By placing the viewer on the perspective point of view from the bottom up, the images change from one reality to another and the space serves as a  pro-am afraid conductor, enabling modern man to dive into a dimension which is that of direct perception, projecting it info an infinity of worlds and expressions that rep the various aspects of the human face. This dynamic perspective that starts from the centre convergers towards the outer fringe, are living outside the intelligence in order to project the infinite universe, waiting to embrace other knowledge extraterrestrial.

To observe the reality, we must turn its gaze straight at the centre  of the apparent reality and see the reality on the end of its borders. I can only reveal the limits of  my reality and you can  only draw from it only the apparent reality, because it is not co combined  on other point of view.

The perspective makes us see come aspects and ignores others, such as happens when we look at things from the perspective of the beholder, because they emphasize  the aspects  that you  want and  that you are able to grasp. What matters most in an observation is the first observation, before the judgment rational takes over.

Another aspect of my research conduce from  the first moments the scientific analysis of the pictorial language, because while the first studies the functions and discovered the laws of creation, the second cancels the force of gravity and attract one another shapes, masses and colours with free movement in an interpreted language.    

... when I paint feel the presence of life that exists around me. I feel the sensation of walking on soft earth and meet the footprints of other passers-by, while I cheer for what I help give life to my works. I would never imagine a world where what you create does not contribute to the usefulness of the human race, which is why I intend to leave a witness to my truth to future generations  in a language suited to the times in which we live.

Watching the sky above or look at things from a hole can make it appear that even greater things can be controlled and made available around you as it happens in reality.

Look at things from an opening or a hole or a gap seems to me to discern the essence of life, like the vagina of a woman giving birth to her own life. 


                                                                                 The artist

                                                                     Gaetano Vasile     



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